The Power of Social Media

So here it is! The first official post of the Leader Daze blog. Part of what I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog is to share the achievements of Scouting Groups from around the world as well as at home (here in Canada). I didn’t have to look very far to find my first example. As a matter of fact it found me!

My Twitter persona is @LeaderDaze and I’ll admit I’ve become a bit of a Twitter fanatic (as the wife would agree). I like that I can follow so many groups (482 at last count) and get quick updates of where they’re going, what they’re doing, etc… all in one tidy little package.You can pack a lot into 140 characters and further details can often be found in attached photos or links.

Scouting Groups are embracing Social Media as a tool to get their message out in ever-growing numbers. Websites are now a normal part of how information gets passed along to both the youth and their parents. FaceBook, Instagram and Flickr are used to showcase camps and achievements, while Twitter gives on the spot news reporting.

You may have noticed I left out YouTube. I had once considered it solely as a site full of bits of fluff of no real value. Good for Simon’s Cat but not much else. Then I met two young Venturers (Explorers) who helped change my mind. Their continued use of YouTube to show off what their Venturer Companies were doing opened up an exciting new range of possibilities for promotion. With only a digital camera and some editing software you could become your own production company.  Here was a chance to show all the great things about Scouting. Using the internet for the powers of Good!

Last Friday while checking my twitter feed, the 4th Golcar Scouting Group showed me just how powerful YouTube could be. Located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire 4th Golcar Scouting Group is running a great program that engages approximately 200 youth! While they no doubt have a dedicated Leadership team they realized that they could use some help.

The following is how they asked for it! Titled – Together We Can Change Lives! it is by far the best 4 min 49 sec I have spent on YouTube. By the end I was ready to move across the Atlantic because it inspired me so much. It looks as though I wasn’t the only one. They happily announced that 65 people have now volunteered to help change lives. Who says Social Media can’t help Scouting?

I’ve included the video at the bottom of this post. Have a look. It’s worth every second. As for me, I’m checking out video cameras online.

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

Ken (aka Leader Daze)

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