A Man on a Hill

It’s Sunday. Most weekend camps are in the midst of packing and loading vehicles. The fun and learning complete. The memories fresh in our minds. But before all this activity starts the camp is called together one last time to give thanks and reflect.

I’m sure there are many names for this final gathering, I prefer the term “closing”. We end this chapter of our scouting experience and eagerly await the opening of the next one. At some point during this closing a story is often shared. It is one last gift from camp for us to ponder “how does this relate to me”?

The following Scouter 5 comes from Leader Magazine (Scouts Canada) July 1989.

A time ago, a man on a hill had a thought. What could he do to help his country, his world? The thought became a plan, and 20 boys sailed off to Brownsea Island. By 1909, those 20 had become thousands of boys and girls, men and women. The plan was now a course of action.

Years later, in the midst of battle, a soldier spares his enemy and tends his wounds, because both are Scouts. The course of action is something more. Wells are dug, schools are built. Many people share, help without fanfare. because that thought is now a way of life.

From that one thought stretches a web of hands, young and not-so young, male and female, all faiths, all peoples. We are an important link in the encircling net. What will we do with our small share of the thought? Whose hand will we, in turn, grasp?

(Scouter Shanie, 902nd Toronto Cubs)

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!


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