Interview with a MedVent

While my current Scouting assignment is with Pack, I still consider myself a Venturer Advisor. For those of you that are not familiar the Scouts Canada program, Venturer Scouts are aged 14 to 17 and are similar to the Explorer Scouts from Scouts UK.

Now that CJ13 is in the books, the Official Scouts Canada FB pages has had several posts thanking the hard work of the MedVents (and MedRovers) during the 2 to 3 weeks they were at Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Medvents are becoming a standard fixture at Scouting events across Canada, but how much do we really know about the program? Luckily I follow @PeelMedvents on twitter and he was more than willing to answer some questions about the MedVent/MedRover porgram.

@PeelMedvents alter-ego is Tristan who is both a MedRover and Company advisor with the Peel MedVent Group. Tristan, thanks for taking some time to help me out.

Q – Are there any requirements to join MedVents such as first-aid?

A- That’s a good question, technically, Medvents has a requirement for entry members to have SFA (Standard First Aid) however, Peel Medvents accepts youth without a first aid qualification, so long as they provide proof of registration for a course, or take a course with our in house SFA instructor.

Q – Do your members take part in the regular Venturer program as well?

A – some of our members do yes, however, the majority of the current group all work as lifeguards or in other part time roles and as such make Medvents their main commitment.

Q – What kinds of skills can a MedVent learn while in the program?

A – Medvents is a fantastic program to learn new skills, we offer training/referral to a variety of “first aid” oriented qualifications such as: WFA (Wilderness first aid), EFR (Emergency first responder), EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) and many others, it really depends on the youths interest.

Q – What kind of services do you offer other Scouting Groups?

A – We offer first aid services at camps, teach first aid courses to beavers and cubs packs as well. We also run programs for other levels of scouting depending on the group we are working with.

Q – What was the biggest event you have ever worked?

A- the largest event we worked, we have two answers.
– 1) The Largest event we worked as an entire company, was the Valley Forge memorial and reenactment camp in Pennsylvania, with about 6,000 youth in attendance.
– 2) Members of Peel Medvents have also worked at Canadian Jamboree this year, which had 6,500.

Q – Do you work non -scouting events?

A – Yes we do! We work several events each year outside of scouting including, soccer tournaments, public special events, non-scouting camps, picnics, you name it we will work it!

Q – What is your most favorite thing you have learned or done as a MedVent?

A – my personal favorite thing I have done as a MedRover (older age category of Medvents) was to teach the younger youth developing their skills and working events with them, they’re a fantastic group which continue to astound me.

Q – Are you planning to make a career in EMS when you finish school?

A – I currently am in Nursing, looking to go to medical school once I finish, however I know our President of the company, Billy, was accepted into premedical health in college and is planning to be a paramedic. Another of our youth who is running for Vice President, Jake, is looking to become an RN (registered nurse) and a paramedic as well.

Tristan, again thank you for answering my questions.

The MedVent program offers an excellent opportunity for young people interested in both EMS and/or service to their communities. I hope that this has helped answer some of the basic questions about this awesome part of the Venturering program. Stay tuned for part 2 – a history of MedVents coming soon.

Also I would recommend checking out or for further information. In the twitterverse the Peel MedVents and MedRovers can be found at @PeelMedvents

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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