Stand Strong, Stand Firm, Dig Deep Your Roots

Even though I have shared this many times for other Scouters to use, until right now I never knew how it applied to me. This past Easter my 22 month old nephew Jack passed away and I will admit that it has changed me. Many days are just like before he was called home. But there are others when a dark shadow crosses my path and I wonder “Why”?

Sadly there is no good answer to that question. I’m told that questioning  is part of the healing. With each passing day it gets a bit better and I weather it a bit stronger knowing that in time I will understand. Like me there are many that have had their share of trials too. They ask “why” and while there may not be an answer yet there is the hope that one day there might be. Until then we stand strong, stand firm, and dig deep our roots.

For Scouter’s 5 this week I give to you the tale of “The Young Tree”. Unfortunately I do not know the author.

A young tree faced many storms through its young life. The powerful winds, torrential rains, famine, ice, and snow would lie across its branches.

At times the young tree questioned its maker asking,”Why have you let so many storms come into my life?”

His maker whispered, “You will understand one day, stand firm, you will make it through the storms of life.” “The challenges will pass, keep this in mind.”

The tree questioned his master, “If I go through one more winter the snow will surely break my branches, if I face any more powerful wind I will surely be uprooted and moved away.”

His maker whispered, “Stand strong, dig your roots deep into the soil, you will understand someday.”

Somehow the young tree kept the positive thoughts in his mind and managed to survive and make it through even the toughest of storms.

Somehow, even in the toughest of times, when the things it went through should have broken it down, it found a way to stand firm even through the worst of storms.

As the young tree grew taller, stronger, and matured the tree realized the storms of life had made it stronger.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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