Ever Wonder What The Kids Do At Camp?

Besides being a Scout Leader I am also a proud scout parent as well. Being a believer that sometimes my children needed to walk a path without mom (also a Scouter) or myself we didn’t attend every Scout camp with our children. Afterwards when the gear was loaded back in the car we would ask “So what did you do”?

Most every time they would respond with “stuff” or some similar noncommittal answer. Now don’t take this as an sign that the camp was boring. Knowing my Scouting Group, they experienced wonderful camps! They just seemed to forget somewhere between the camp site and the car. I have often suspected that the other leaders had gotten hold of a Nurilizer from the movie “Men in Black” and blanked their minds as they left camp. This would also explain their forgetting to pick up their rooms or taking out the garbage too.

Sorry straying a little from the topic! Anyway have you ever wondered what camp looks like to a 9-year-old. The 19th Leicester Scouting Group have helped answer that question. While attending the County Cub Camp this year they outfitted a Cub Scout with a Go Pro head camera and let him loose for the day. Kudo’s go to the Leicester Media team for coming up with this fun video! It’s got me thinking about Cuboree next spring! (really must buy some video equipment)

So buckle up for “A day in the life of a Cub”!

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

What do you think?

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