How To Organise a Bushcraft Camp for Scouts

I found this article while hunting for ideas on program. Having a “bushcraft” camp for Scouts is an excellent idea given the amount of publicity that these skills have received from outdoors-men such as Bear Grylls. Have a look, I found it quite interesting with lots of ideas on how to pull a camp program together for your youth.

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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How To Organise A Bushcraft Camp For Scouts


Author with shelter build by Scouts.

As a keen outdoorsman and Scout Leader I believe that wilderness skills, and particularly bushcraft skills, have an important role in Scouting.

Being able to look after yourself, with minimal kit, in a variety of environments allows you to explore places you might otherwise avoid and get more out of the places you go.

I think bushcraft provides people with a better understanding of their environment and a greater respect for nature.

These are all values that are important to me and I am lucky enough to run a Scout troop with an outstanding set of leaders that share this ethos.

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