You May be a Scouter if…

Sadly, I’ve not been to a camp yet this summer (I’m not counting the campfire on Scouter’s night last week) and I have to say that I’m missing it. It feels as though I’m living my Scouting life through others right now. Each day I scroll down the twitter feed to see what the Scout masses are up to and count off the days (only 8 more) until I finally head to the Haliburton Scout Reserve for our Area’s Summer Camp!

Until then I’m trying to find things to amuse myself. If you hadn’t guessed it (having a Scouting blog is a BIG clue) I’m pretty involved with Scouting. When you find that most of your clothes come from the Scout Shop, you know that you are one of “those” Scouters! So in celebration myself and those like me, I’m going to share a few things I’ve found on the internet (plus a few of my own) about this “Scouter” condition.

You may be a Scouter if…

  • You break into song every time you see fire
  • You buy paracord in bulk
  • You automatically shake with your left hand
  • You raise your hand and make the Scout sign to get attention in a crowd
  • You take all your vacations around camp dates
  • You finally figure out that the “one hour a week” is what is left AFTER the Scouting is done
  • You go straight to the camping section when you go out shopping
  • Your favorite magazine is the Scout Catalogue
  • You have to send your camp blanket on a different plane because of the weight
  • Your camp blanket weighs more than all the troop gear
  • You own more than 3 different kinds of compasses
  • You take months to decide where to go on vacation but can out the door and packed in 10 minutes if asked to help at a camp at the last minute
  • Your idea of a religious ceremony is either getting out, or putting away, your camp blanket
  • You go to a Jamboree, and you pack more crests for trading than you do clothes
  • You won’t take 3 minutes to sew on a button, but you will take 3 days to sew on all your crests after a Jamboree
  • You know 100 different uses for googlie eyes and pipe cleaners
  • Your collection of famous literature in your library consists of songbooks and craft books
  • Your idea of haute cuisine is a bib, a campfire, and extra beans, onions and hot peppers in the chili
  • Your troop proves to you that you can get more youth into a 9 x 9 tent, than into a 14 passenger van
  • Your troop proves to you that Murphy doesn’t lie
  • You can survive an entire week of camping on 1 hour of sleep
  • You can’t go past a group of youth without arranging them into a horseshoe
  • You learn that there are more than the 4 basic food groups
  • You like coffee that is thicker than road tar
  • You’re engaged, and you wait to book your wedding date until after the camp dates are all set up
  • You have pictures of your troop, but not of your wife
  • Your idea of a suit and tie is your camp blanket and beads
  • You enjoy winter camping in tents
  • You call every one “Scouter” instead of their name
  • You remember all Scouting special moments, but not your anniversary
  • You buy that ’89 Chevy Caprice because you really like that fleur-de-lis hood ornament
  • You decide to lash together the new deck on the back of your house
  • You plan to serve foil meals at your next dinner party
  • You walk the streets in broad daylight with a coffee cup and flashlight hanging from your belt
  • You raise your hand in the Scout sign at a heated business meeting
  • You were arrested by airport security because you wouldn’t give up your official Scout pocket knife until the cop said “thank you”
  • You didn’t mind losing power to your house for three days
  • Your plans for remodeling the bathroom include digging the hole deeper
  • You managed to find that 8th day in the week
  • You disconnect the automatic dishwasher in favor of the “3 bin method.”
  • You can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together
  • Latrines at camp start becoming comfortable
  • You think campaign hats are cool
  • You gave your wife a mummy bag rated for -18 deg C for Christmas
  • You name one of your kids Baden
  • Your favorite tune is “Camp Granada” (hello mudda…..hello fadda) by Allen Sherman
  • You can recite the 12 points of the Scout Law backwards, in order, in 3 seconds flat
  • You bought 10,000 shares of Coleman stock on an inside tip they were about to release a microwave accessory for their camp stove line
  • You can’t eat eggs anymore unless they are cooked in a zip-locked bag
  • You plan to get rich by writing a best selling Dutch Oven cook book
  • You took a chemistry course at the local college to help you develop a better fire starter
  • You actually own a left-handed smoke shifter
  • The height of your social season is the district recognition dinner
  • You book off the Friday before camp to get ready and the Monday after camp to recover
  • A trip to the Scout Shop is a pilgrimage
  • The sales operators at the Scouts Custom Crest Factory’s 866 number recognize your voice
  • Singing “Scout Vespers” makes you cry uncontrollably
  • You measure how good a camp was by how you make it into the house before you fall asleep
  • The Scouts in your troop chipped in to have you abducted by a professional cult de-programmer

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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