After jamboree, Connecticut Scouter returned to his car to find this…

Here is a feel good story for a Monday afternoon. It confirms my faith in the Scouting program to know that there are Scouts out there willing to help others. The added bonus was that a Scouter was the recipient of the good turn! As always – Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

Bryan on Scouting

jamboree-garys-windowConnecticut Scouter Gary had just finished a “wonderful week serving on the national jamboree staff” when he returned to the mall parking lot where his car had lived for the past two weeks.

But when he spotted his car, his heart sank.

Here’s how Gary described what happened in an email sent over the weekend:

The bus had dropped me off at Crossroads Mall, a short walk to my car. As I got closer to my automobile, I noticed that a plastic garbage bag was duct taped to my passenger side front window. A depressed feeling came over me.

Had someone smashed my window, and will I need to call the police? I decided to unlock my car, sit down and gather my thoughts.

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