Thought for the Week – August 11th (Early Edition)

I’m Going Off the Grid!

It’s just one more sleep until I head off to Scout Camp! Thanks for ignoring all the “I’m not a camp yet” comments and tweets. 7:30 am tomorrow I’ll be loaded down and north bound! For a fun-filled week at the Haliburton Scout Reserve. I may manage to catch the occasional cell signal but for the most part I’ll be off grid.

Now I really clever eScouter would have written several posts and used the scheduled posting feature and none would be the wiser. Sorry folks you’re stuck with me! Anyway I’m going to skip over the “Tweet of the Week” (last weeks was so incredibly awesome it can cover this week too!) and actually post the Thought of the Week a bit early.

Thanks again for reading this little blog and have an awesome week too!

Until then…

Be Safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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