A Thank You to the “Camp Counselor”

Summer Scout camp has been a big part of my life this past summer. I spent three weeks shuttling my youngest son (a Venturer) to Camp Everton (Ontario) where he was employed as a kitchen helper.  Knowing a fair amount of the youth staffing this camp I managed to stay informed of all the happenings.

Also this summer Social media heralded the successes of some of the larger camps such as CJ13, the BSA National Jamboree, or Poacher 2013 (UK). I am also proud to say that several of my youth did Offer of Service for CJ13 this past summer. So while I only spent a week “in camp”, it was never far from my thoughts.

I’m sure that many of you can recall your own summer Scout camp days, and the great memories made during these times. Many of these adventures were made possible by a small group of youth know as the “camp counselors”. While they may be paid staff, their dedication to their job often outstrips any monetary rewards. They deal with any number of challenges daily as they teach outdoors skills and help create lasting memories in the youth they work with.

During the past week while attending the Area composite camp at the Haliburton Scout Reserve, I had the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful young men and women working there this summer.  They impressed me with both the skills that they had and how well they worked with the Scouts, especially with some of the younger ones. Equally impressive is how well they worked with the Scouters as well. They were both knowledgeable and polite.

So lets hear a big thank you for the camp counselor and all they do! Good job!

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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