Adventures, Wilderness, and New Friends

Hi all,

Sorry that I haven’t been posting as regular as I had been prior to my Scouting vacation. The mountain of work waiting for me upon my return to the office managed to occupy most of my time this past week, but I’m hoping to get back in the swing of it shortly. While I would prefer to spend far more time at camp (as I’m sure many of you would as well) it is these short stays away from normal routine that make for the best memories.

This weeks Scouter 5 isn’t about teaching a lesson. As the title suggests it is more about adventure and the great outdoors. It’s also about new friends! I’m very pleases to announce that another Scouter has joined Leader Daze as a contributor/writer. Please join me in welcoming Poppi to the blog. His posts on Scouts Canada Facebook group are both excellent and thoughtful. I look forward to reading more of his creativity here at Leader Daze.

Scouter 5 this week belongs to Poppi’s imagination –

A Mother’s Love

Mum always had me pegged;
She could feel me in the breeze,

For I had but one love
And that was climbing trees!

Seeing me at lofty heights;
On a tree, I felt at home.

Mum often worried thru’ the night,
About the branches on which I roamed.

Now and then she’d plead And sometimes even beg;
“Son, if you fall and break both your legs, Don’t come running to me!”

The Solo Trip

The campfire’s light left tree shadows,
Like the shadows formed by bright moonlight,
Some formed trees and
Some formed creatures of the night,
Believable and moving to the fires snap and pop
Contained within a circled campfire ,
The rocks seemingly glowed;
The clouds dimmed the moonlight ;
Changing the shadows to crisper shapes
A wolf calls, bringing a momentary shiver of fright
From moving shadows.

In the fire’s warmth
A mind can wander.

On Queens Scout Business

All day the paddle dripped Alberta lake water,
And then we ate and sat and talked until the night,
The fire glittered on the a green canoe,
Spitting hisses of fresh spruce.
Circling coyotes sang aloud
Seemingly in unison,
To the cracklings of a fire,
Which demanded another log.
Tall tales, bouts of laughter,
Talk of today’s adventure,
The flames began to dwindle .
One by one the nodding heads sauntered off,
To be embraced by the warmth
Of a down filled sleeping bag
And thoughts of the morning
A couple of pokes to the campfire,
And with my pack, I slid under the my green canoe
Wedged by that now dried paddle,
Warmed by the glowing fire.

So until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

What do you think?

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