I always find it interesting that Scouts Canada starts it’s new Scouting year in the fall. The logical side of my mind says it has to do with the school year beginning once again but the creative side says that fall is the decline of the year. School begins, and soon Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day will be here. Not long afterwards the leaves will have scattered before the wind and snow dances in the sky.

But perhaps I should look at it as the “spring of Scouting” instead? The youth once more wear their uniforms and return to the meeting places to see old friends and make new ones. Planning for adventures begins again. Youth learn new skills and join new sections. Scouting as if a slumbering giant slowly awakens to the promise of what might be and roads not yet traveled.

My friend and co-blogger Poppi  wrote this years ago after lying in his sleeping bag during a spring camp with my fellow scouts and watching the early morning events. It too holds the promise of what might be!

The sun light fell to the ground;
As it glistened thru the trees.
There were rays of red and brown,
As it sparked thru budding leaves.
A chipmunk scurried, up above;
As a rabbit hopped from below.
And there was a song from a dove,
As the sun struck out its blow.
Spring days were here once more,
As April came to stay.
Mother Earth opened her door,
From a cold winter prey.
The buds and blossoms began to grow,
As the sun’s warmth did spread.
All that lived began to know~
That winter, now was dead.

So until next time, welcome back and…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

What do you think?

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