Happy Gilwell to All!

To all my brothers and sisters in Scouting – here’s wishing you a happy Gilwell Reunion weekend!

Lord Baden-Powell organised and ran the first training course for Scouters at Gilwell Park in England in 1919. At the end of the course, to celebrate the fellowship of Scouting, he invested the Scouters as members of the 1st Gilwell Park Troop by presenting them with two each from a set of Zulu beads he had received as a gift when he was in Africa. The tradition has continued to this day around the world.

Today, Scouters who complete their Wood Badge Training receive the “Gilwell” Scarf and a leather thong containing two wooden beads. These are the mark of an individual who has invested the time needed to complete the training.

Each year, Gilwell Reunions are held as an opportunity for those who have completed their Woodbadge (aka Gilwellians) to meet together again. (via Ontario Gilwell Reunion website)

The following passage from the poem “The Feet of the Young Men” written by Rudyard Kipling has long been associated with Gilwellians.

Who hath smelt wood-smoke at twilight? Who hath heard the birch-log burning?

Who is quick to read the noises of the night?

Let him follow with the others, for the Young Men’s feet are turning

Too the camps of proved desire and known delight!

Rudyard Kipling

So until next time…

Be safe, have fun, and keep on Leading!

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