I Never Knew!

Do you remember the Diamond Shreddies ads on television? Whoever put together that campaign was able to change people’s perception of what was thought to be a plain boring cereal. Just by turning something on its side, people saw it in a whole new way. Pardon the pun but it was really thinking outside the box! The lesson here is that perception is everything!

I’ve done my share of community fairs running information booths to help promote Scouting in my area and it never ceases to amaze me that a large number of people are surprised that Scouting is still around. Even more people are surprised that Scouting welcomes girls and has been coed for a while. When asked what Scouts do, knots and good deeds top the list.

Are we victims of stereotypes? The answer – only if we choose to be the victim! If we hide in church basements safely tucked from the public eye, we will remain obscure. The path of change lies with us.

So how then do we beat perception? The first step is education. Have a look at this video from Scouts UK. It’s a bit of an eye opener, but it helps shift the preconceived stereotypes that follow Scouting around.

Next time I’ll explore changing stereotypes, thinking outside the box, turning things on their side and getting people to look at Scouting a different way.

Until then…

What do you think you know about Scouting?

What do you think?

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