The Old White Wolf

The Old White Wolf (Poppi!) shared this with me and I thought it summed up some of my thoughts on learning to be a Leader.

Being a leader is something we grow into slowly. We don’t start knowing everything – we learn was we go along. Often we are lucky to have an “Old White Wolf” to guide us (and others too). As these mentors stay closer to the fires each night, it is up to us to take their place and share the wisdom they shared with us. So listen well and share their experience.

And to my Old White Wolf – thank  you! Please keep sharing your wisdom so that one day I’ll live up to being an Old Wolf too.

The Old White Wolf

(with Cubs and Beavers)

The ol’white wolf loved the warmth
Of a campfire, and it’s dancing flames;
Growing old makes many claims !
His body now hurt, because of his age.
He thought of it, as just another stage,
The cozy embers now soothed all his aches,
And comforted many of his pains;
Yes, …that’s what it takes!

As a pup, in his early roaming years,
He had scared many youths into tears;
He’d howled at those who built the ground fires.
Their fear of him never tired.
But, as he aged and began to grey;
He felt the warmth of the campfire heat-
In closer, he began to stay.
Not scaring a soul, learning to protect,
The source of the embers,
That he had come to respect.

Then, as grey turned to white,
To Cubs and Beavers delight;
They lost all of their fright;
And the ol’white wolf, had begun to snooze,
Nearer the warmth of the campfire ,
Without any eyre,
The Cubs and Beavers began to choose
The ol’white wolf;
Who protected his crews !



What do you think?

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