24 Days of Good Turns

advent-calendarI have a little challenge for you!

When we were kids (heck even now) one favorite Christmas tradition was the Advent Calendar. It was and is a wonderful way to count down the days until Christmas Eve. I suspect that most children might be of the opinion that this tradition actually slows time down with having to wait 24 hours for each little chocolate. Sorry! I got a bit distracted there.

How about this year instead of receiving, you try this idea out. One good turn for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Think Advent calendar of good deeds if you will. 24 acts of kindness in 24 days. They need not be extravagant, it’s the thought that counts really. You could try starting out small with holding the door open at the mall (warning – given the season this one could require some serious time commitment) and work up from there. How about a coffee for a Police Officer? Some cookies for the Firemen at the local hall. Shovel snow. Help load a car. You get the idea!

So get your thinking caps on, you have a couple of days to do a bit of planning. And remember to please share with us how you did!

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and remember the season of giving!

What do you think?

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