The Friendship Knot for Your Necker

I first saw this knot on a necker several years ago when a Scouter friend from Australia was visiting. Since then I have seen it appearing more often, especially with groups that have just attended a Jamboree or other large-scale event. Similar to the diamond knot for a Leader’s wood badge beads, you should have a friend tie it for you and once tied it should not be untied.

Being a knot head I finally decided it was time to learn this fun knot. I was surprised by how easy the knot is, and there is many online sources available including YouTube videos. For this post I’ve copied the great set of instructions I found on the  52nd Reading Scout Group website.

I started tying this for my Cub Pack in the hopes that they will stop losing woggles (one can hope) and plan to add it to the knot list they are working on.

How To Tie A Friendship Knot In Your Necker

(via 52nd Reading Scout Group website)

This knot is often used by Scouts to secure the neckerchiefs, instead of a woggle – either because they’ve lost it – or because they’re worried they might. It can also be tied in the points of a necker (very small) if a woggle is being worn.

The linking of the two sides of the necker represent the bond of friendship – both sides of the knot collapse to nothing if they are disentangled.

1) Roll the long edge of your necker first, to give neat ends to tie

2) Cross one end over the other then fold it back up on itself

3) Bring the second end over the folded (first) end and take it round behind.

4) Bring end 1 down over end 2, then take end 2 round and over end 1 and tuck it through the loop formed by end 1

5) Adjust the knot until the ends are even and the knot flat and square, tighten gently until it is the size you want

Traditionally, this knot should be tied in your necker by a friend, and you should never untie that knot in case undoing it “undoes” the friendship.

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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