A Bonus #24in24 for Year’s End

On December 21st Southern Ontario was hammered with an Ice Storm that left up to 34mm of ice is some areas by the time the freezing rain passed. It also caused massive damage to trees and power-lines and  even now there are still people without electricity.

There are many wonderful stories about people reaching out to help their neighbors deal with the challenges of living through the aftermath of the storm plus the outstanding efforts hydro crews from all over Ontario and the Northern United States.

The church that my Scout Group meets at has a fair number of trees on the property, many of which were damaged by the ice. Given that the majority of the parish are retired it was clear that we needed to apply some “Scouting” power.

This afternoon 6 Venturers, 5 Scouts, 1 Cub, and 5 Scouters answered the call for help. 3 hours and several large piles of cut brush later the church was clear of most of the downed limbs. I’m very proud of the effort put out by the youth. Not one questioned why they were there and all worked nonstop throughout the afternoon. All in all it was a pretty awesome parting good turn for 2013.

Below are some of the highlights of the day (I’m even in a few).

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