What’s Cookin?

cookinAnybody who has read this blog will know how much of a fan I am of how Scouts UK uses YouTube! I try to look at the UKScoutAssociation channel at least a couple of times a month to see whats new.

A few weeks back I noticed a series of videos on it titled “Rapid Recipes”. I’m always on the look out for new camp food idea so of course I had to check them out! What I found was a unique way to introduce Scouts to cooking – from ultra simple right up to challenging.

Featuring animation and voice overs (from what I assume are Scouting members) they are both fun and educational! I thought that I would share a few of them here with you, and if you get the chance follow the link above. There are lots of great videos for you to check out.

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

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