The “Write” Stuff

GingGangGoolieScan_400pxCan you imagine an online Scouting Magazine written by youth (plus a few Scouters too) for youth. Well wonder no more! “Ging Gang Goolie” the online Scouting Magazine is now online!

Their mission statement is quite simple –

“There’s not enough Scouting in the world and we’re doing something about it. To succeed, we need your help!”

I truly believe that the best ambassadors of Scouting are the youth themselves, so this blog offers readers a unique opportunity to “see” Scouting from their eyes.  Also since its contributing writers are not all on “staff” you get the chance to hear the voice of Scouting at large instead of from only one or two people.

They are actively looking for Scouting (both youth and Scouters) members to share stories, tips, and adventures so if you’re interested in trying your hand at writing about Scouting check out the details -here- .

Have a look for yourself. I’ve bookmarked it already and I’m looking forward to watching this blog grow.

Ging Gang Goolie

Until next time…

Be safe,be prepared, and keep Scouting!


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