The Wherefore and the Why

1912438_10152329295924257_965649798_nIf anybody were to ask me why I spend the long hours doing what I do, I would show them this picture. This is my proof that Scouting produces capable young men (women too). I recently found (and stole it  acquired it) from Facebook where was being shared between my friends. Seeing these 3 together brought back a flood of memories, and along with a most satisfying sense of pride!

I’ve camped in snow, rain, the hot as well as the cold with these guys. I’ve dressed up as a War of 1812 Red Coat and marched with them at Fort George. Collected winter coats for people who have none. Delivered Santa boxes to the underprivileged.  I’ve paddled canoes with them (including two days of non-stop rain in Algonquin Park to see turtles or moose, neither of which appeared since they unlike us were smart enough to stay out of the rain!). There is a lot of “one hours” a week in there over the years. I consider it time well spent!

I’ve known these 3 for a long time (since before they were even in Scouting). This photo is during their second last year in Troop, working their way (not that you could judge that by the relaxed poses)  towards finishing their Chief Scout Awards. That was 2006. One of them is now in the process of becoming a fireman and the other two are attached to our Troop as Scouters (part-time). While they have walked their own paths to become the men they are now, I’m thankful I got to walk with them for part of the way!

This photo gives me faith in Scouting and what it does for youth!

So what is your reasons for being a Scouter? Please share in the comments section.

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!


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