Don’t Be Shy, Say Hi!

Hi All!

Just thought I would point another feature of the blog. If you look way down at the bottom of each post you will find either a link marked “Leave Comment” or a tab marked the same. I want to hear from you! Even if it’s just to say hi. This is your chance to add to the Leader Daze experience. Thanks!

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

A Guided Tour of the Blog

Hi all!

Having a blog involves setting aside time to update, add, and improve. While it may not always be noticeable I do try to improve the site daily.

Besides the posts (one of which you are reading) you find a sidebar (located to the right ->) On the sidebar you can find a quick Bio, a list of recent posts, links to other websites (including World Organizations, Resources, and Scouting Group), my Twitter feed, an Email subscription option, and Photo credit for my header picture.

Above the posts you can find tabs for pages. At this point there is just an About page and Contact Me page but I do plan on adding more as time goes by.

I’m always open to ideas, comments, and links. ¬†Feel free to send links for your Groups Websites too.

Again thanks for all the support so far.

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!