Gear Tip – Wet Fire ™

Seems like every time I plan a canoe trip it rains! I actually have started to enjoy paddling in a misty drizzle, but by the time I’ve done it all day I really appreciate a nice warm fire that doesn’t take an hour of fighting with wet material. Scouter Jerry over at The Scoutmaster Minute recommends this product so I’m definitely going to try to find these!

How to Make a “V8” Alcohol Stove

Saturday’s gadget for this week is a cool little alcohol stove. It uses the small V8 vegetable juice tins and is quite easy to build. I also like the size, even with fuel it would take very little space in the backpack. I’ll be adding this little stove to my projects list for sure.Enjoy!

Until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

Building An Easy Tarp Shelter

Good morning!

I found this great video showing the set up of an easy DIY tarp shelter. It even includes instructions on how to make it at the end.

This is really a great project for Scouts to do. It requires very little in the way of material needs and can be accomplished easily in a weekly meeting. Space wise it rolls down to a manageable size that fits well in a backpack or day pack. A big part of our program is teaching the youth to be prepared and this is an awesome addition to their emergency kit equipment list. I’m thinking that I might have the Venturers in our Group make a few to work out the details, then teach the Scouts how to make their own.

So have a look at the video and until next time…

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!

DIY Wood Gasifier Stove

Sharing sharing sharing! It’s Saturday. If you aren’t at camp then chances are good that you are planning either program or camp. While there is a huge range of stoves available for camping it’s always nice to have a lightweight stove that the Scouts (Cubs) can build and use for themselves.

I first saw this in a video posted by a Scouter friend that demonstrated how simple the use of this stove is. It requires very little in the way of fuel and can be managed by a Cub or Scout quite easily. While searching on YouTube I found a wide selection of designs and how to videos. I like this one because of the minimal parts and design. It could be made at a meeting and not take up that much time.

I’m planning on trying this with my cubs in the fall.

Be safe, be prepared, and keep Scouting!