Extra Special Tweet of the Week – August 2nd

For those of you who don’t know the 4th West Vancouver Mountaineer Scouts, some of their members have been climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their Troop Scouter tweeted this morning! A great big we’re proud of you and Bravo!
 B. Jody Lotzkar ‏@westvanscouts4h

@scoutscanada flag is on summit of kilimanjaro

Tweet of the Week – July 26th

 rebecca ‏@ohrebeccalouise

my 7000th tweet goes to @scoutscanada without my involvement in this amazing movement I wouldn’t have become the person I am today thankyou

Tweet of the Week

Introducing a new weekly feature (at this point everything is new I suppose). I regularly scroll through my twitter feed checking out what everybody is up to. Each Friday I’ll post a tweet from the twitterverse that has caught my eye. Drum roll please –  The very first “Tweet of the Week” goes to –

  Scouter Dean @ScouterDean

Being a Venturers Advisor has its challenges. You need to know when to poke, when to shout, when to sit back and when to back away slowly.