What is Leader Daze?

This both an easy and hard question!

The easy answer is a Scout Leader blogging duo. Poppi (Ol’White Wolf) is a Queen’s Scout 1963, Leader, and keeper of our Scouting histories. Currently retired and enjoying his grand children. Ken is a Scout Leader of 11 years, storyteller, pot stirrer, quartermaster, eScouter, and all round big kid. Both are believers in the “Great game of Scouting” and all that it offers the youth of the world.

The hard answer is that it is an evolving living thing. What started as a writing project has become more of a place to share Scouting’s successes as well as a portal to remembering our past. Someone once advised write what you know. Scouting is something we know, so here goes…

Here you will find the musings of Scout Leaders pondering the youth we work with, camping, teaching, learning, and life! Sharing knowledge, ideas, history, and successes from around the world. Think of it as an online Indaba!

That is Leader Daze.